We want to do something to help our Aviation Heritage!

The main aim of APRES is to help increase the number of Classic Aircraft in working condition.

There are any number of Aviation Heritage groups and Museums who want to preserve and/or restore a particular airframe. ALL of them need funding and it seems they are all competing with each other for what funds are available. Some are successful, others are struggling but all are of equal importance. We would like to see ALL aircraft preserved when they are no longer needed in service, but that simply isn’t possible, or practical. However, we would like to see at least one of every type preserved, be that in a flying condition, or in taxiing capacity or static. But it won’t be easy with every group fighting for the same penny!

APRES believe that the setting up of a Central Fund would help get more types and examples of aircraft restored and preserved, and possibly - in some cases - flying. By Joining us, your membership fees will go towards the speeding up of a restoration or preservation project, enabling more projects to be completed, more quickly.  As members of a network/society/group we will be able to achieve MORE. The more members there are, the more can be done, the quicker it can be done and the louder our joint voice will be. JOIN US NOW and be a part of furthering Aviation Heritage in the UK.

Charity Status applied for


APRES wil be looking to actively get behind an aviation project and maybe return an airframe to the skies. We can't do it alone so join us and have YOUR name associated with an airframe.


APRES love aviation images. If you have a photo that you would like to add to our gallery, please let us know via email or through our contact form.

Our Work

APRES will aim to keep members up to date on everything we do. We hope to attract grants, and will apply for Government and Lottery funding and Business Backing.

Keeping Planes Flying...

By becoming a member of APRES, the Central fund will grow, thereby helping more airframes to be preserved and restored, possibly some to flying condition. As a Member of APRES you will be a part of something new, exciting and beneficial. Aviation Heritage is important - be a part of it! Let's help to keep more airframes from the scrappers.

It starts with you...

It really does start with YOU - use the form and contact us. The more members we have - the louder our voice will be and the more airframes can be restored. Nothing can be done without YOU.

Contact us and be part of it.