Briefly, our cause is to help save as many airframes as possible, whether that be in a flying condition, or a working state on the ground or simply static. Whilst we realise that it’s impossible to save them all, we do believe that we should, as a nation, try to preserve as many different “types” as possible.


We aim to set-up, via Memberships, Grants, Donations, Lottery and Government Funding, a trusted centralised income stream. This will enable us to help fund existing and new Aviation Preservation, Restoration, Education Projects and Museums, for the ultimate benefit of the aviation community and the General Public. All fund-raising options will be investigated.

We aim to work with the Government, CAA, Military, other Aviation Authorities, Heritage organisations and the Aviation Industry towards Restoration & Preservation of Airframes.

We aim to help Aviation Heritage in any way possible.


By attracting fee paying members, we aim to help fund aviation projects, enabling them to concentrate on their project, rather than the fund-raising.

We aim to work alongside Museums to increase visitor numbers. We envisage some form of “loyalty” scheme whereby members would be rewarded by visiting museums up and down the Country.

We aim to set up a “searchable interactive database” of Museums. This would detail aircraft types, location by county and possibly Town and provide information about entry fees etc.


We aim to help restore airframes to a flying condition if possible, but if not, to a state where they can be seen by the public as static displays, or maybe taxi condition.

We aim to work towards a UK Aviation Heritage site where Airframes can be exhibited and flown as a UK Heritage Flight.

We aim to support other individual charities to progress their projects, and to help them with the paperwork and legal know how necessary to keep vintage aircraft flying.

We aim to be in a position to be able to own and/ or fund the restoration of airframes


To work towards an Aviation Heritage site where we can “inspire” the younger generation.  We need to keep the necessary skills alive and we believe this is the way to do it. Britain used to be at the forefront of Aircraft Design and Manufacture and we need to teach our younger and future generations what we did and how we do it so that they may put us back where we were. We want to work alongside Youth Organisations, the Air Cadets, where possible, to promote education and awareness of Aviation engineering skills and Aviation career opportunities both Military and Civil. We hope to have places and projects where budding young engineers can get "hands-on" experience with airframes.


We aim to offer a range of merchandise for APRES, but also include merchandise from projects and museums alike.

We aim to offer a range of “Benefits and Incentives” which will attract Members.

We aim to “network” all the Museums and Projects, allowing them to talk to each other and help each other.

We have provided a forum where projects and museums can talk freely to each other. A place where they can “swap” or buy items from each other. A place where items can be offered for sale.

We aim to provide members with a newsletter providing information about projects, Museums and Air Shows and Aviation News alike.

We will offer Projects and Museums the chance to be featured on our website thereby increasing awareness.

We will listen to members, and the public, and revise plans should that be necessary.

We will strive to gain International recognition.

APRES is a Registered Charity

Registration Number 1177261

Our governing document can be viewed here